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Sausage party in my toybox!

Every time I hear someone haul out the old “The male body is not attractive/penises are silly looking/women are not visual” trifecta, I wince.  I mean, if you personally are not into penises and how they look, that’s cool.  But some people make these statements as if they are gospel truth.  And none of this is true in my world – I love cocks, which I don’t find at all strange since I am sexually attracted to men.

This is why I have so many realistic toys in my collection.  From a visual standpoint, I love the way a well-proportioned cock looks.  Handling a dildo shaped like one can add an extra layer of arousal for me when I am playing;  stroking it, licking and sucking it is more exciting because of the obvious nature of it.  There are a lot of beautiful toys that could be displayed as modern art on your mantelpiece and I own and love some of those, but the blatantly sexual nature of something that is obviously a rampant cock delights me.

That’s great, but you don’t just buy toys to LOOK AT, right?

Right!  The best part is when I get to play with these things!  The texture of the newer dual density toys (such as Tantus’ O2 line) is enjoyable to me since it has a softer outer layer and a denser core.  When I got my first one, I think I spent about 10 minutes just fondling and squeezing it.  I was torn between REALLY wanting to put it inside myself and being so intrigued with the texture I kept giving it a handjob.  I did make it in and it was great!  No matter how much I like looking at it, no matter how neat it feels in my hand, it has to also feel good in my vagina if it’s going to be the right dildo for me.  Here again, the cocks are a big win.  I like to feel a bit of a stretch, so a rounded head generally feels better to me going in.  I like a lot of thrusting, and prefer a larger area of pressure on my g-spot and further back closer to my cervix (the area more recently called the “A-spot” or “AFE”).  Sometimes toys that are too tapered at the tip can feel stabby once they are inside me.

WIN_20150330_101806I will always be up for trying new shapes and new designs.  But the good old, realistic dildo is a tried and true one for me, so I will always have a place for them in my collection, and in my body.