Review – Lovehoney Main Squeeze

I have tried other types of kegel-type toys, and thus far the Main Squeeze by Lovehoney is my favorite version of the “round things you can put in your vagina and walk around with all day” toy.

What? What do you use YOUR kitchen scale for?

What? What do you use YOUR kitchen scale for?

I chose the 90g  version, but Lovehoney also offers a 60g, and a single-ball 30g. I picked this size by weighing the ones I already own for comparison.

To be fair, the set pictured comes in at a whopping 130 g, so OBVIOUSLY my vagina could handle more (RAWR), but this is the heaviest set Lovehoney makes right now.


The Main Squeeze is as cute as its name.




These are a good size for me, measuring about 3 and a quarter inches long and 4 and a half inches around.

They are fully coated in a deep purple silicone, which was an excellent design choice. The silicone has some “drag” so they are more grippy. There are no sneaky crevices or removable parts, so they are easy to clean! Which has not always been my experience with other toys.

The one thing I am not completely happy with is that the loose inner weights aren’t really mobile enough for me to be able to feel them. For me, the best part of this kind of toy is the sensation I get from the internal motion. Put them in and go jogging! Or dancing! Or run up and down the stairs!* I suspect the reason these are less impressive in that department is because I chose the heaviest ones, so maybe it’s a more mass = less room to jiggle sort of thing. Not really sure about that, since I have not tried out the lighter version. Anyhow, there is little enough jiggle that I can forget these are in fairly easily.

I feel like I should make a terrible pun involving the word "box" here, but it's just not coming to me . . . .

I feel like I should make a terrible pun involving the word “box” here, but it’s just not coming to me . . . .

The packaging these come in is basic and tidy. I like the approach Lovehoney has taken with their packaging, since it offers a clear picture of the product alongside light and cute text. It’s not needlessly gendered, nor does it include explicit illustrations or text, so it feels inclusive of a much broader range of customers.  This would be appropriate for a more conservative person and also for a whole range of sexualities and gender identities. I like that! Inside the box is a small leaflet giving basic use and care instructions.



Overall, I am very pleased with the Main Squeeze. The tiny things that make it less than 100% perfect for me are minor enough that I can still enjoy this toy as it is. I feel that it’s a solid Kegel toy, and a good value for the price.

Bonus outtake shot of the handsome Mr. Mistoffelees photobombing.

Bonus outtake shot of the handsome Mr. Mistoffelees photobombing me.

Full disclosure: I won this toy as a prize in Lovehoney’s “Show us your O-face” contest, so it was given to me for free.


*Tried this as part of a move-in once. It made carrying things to the upper floors much less awful.

Balls! So many balls!

I have been on a quest for some time now. Kegel exercisers. Ben Wa Balls. Call them what you will – I am interested in things I can put in my vagina and carry around. I have not found the perfect incarnation of this toy yet, but the quest is looking up since I found an almost-perfect one. I will review it, but first I’d like to look back on all the ones that did not quite make it to gold star/100% love/10 out of 10 sex toy status.

The Weird Metal Ones:


It’s a patina. That means it’s fancy, right?

These were made by one of the big toy companies. They were cheap, so I am not at all shocked that they are not medical-grade stainless steel that lasted forever.  Actually, when I went on a ball roundup for this post I had not seen them in a while – quite a while – found them tucked away in a box, and was pretty put off by the, um, patina they seem to have acquired.  These are definitely not going inside me ever again!




The OTHER downside to these is that they never worked for regular, walking-around wear for me.  Just too small to hold onto, so one would usually end up lodged next to my cervix and the other one would fall out after I’d been upright for a little while.  Which is hilarious, but not particularly erotic to me.

The Cheap Plastic Ones:

Well, they're pink. Chicks like pink, right?

Well, they’re pink. Chicks like pink, right?

Another big mainstream company’s offering. Seeing a theme here? Since I am pretty much always on a budget, I used to just buy cheap things. Now I am much more likely to save up and wait for sales, since I have SO MANY things that ended up being poor choices.

These are comfortable.  They have the jiggly weights inside that feel so good when I move. They have the right size/weight ratio that I can hold onto them all day.

But – that string! Nylon! That seam! Just asking for bacteria to set up house! When I was using these I soaked them in a 10% bleach solution after each wear, and nothing bad ever happened to me, but . . . they’re retired. Much like my sex life, I have higher standards these days.

Not a total loss, though! I left these out on my nightstand once and it turns out they make EXCELLENT cat toys. Which, again, is hilarious but not at all erotic.

The Almost-Right Plastic + Silicone Holder Ones:

Almost right, but the "retrieval cord" was no match for my powerful vagina!

Almost right, but the “retrieval cord” was no match for my powerful vagina!

These were a gift, and I honestly cannot remember who made them. Not one of the “big 5” I don’t think, but not one of the companies I’ve come to know and love either. I was so excited! The balls have the jingly movement I love! They are more easily cleanable! The set came with three balls of different weights, and two silicone holder thingies, one of which was for a single ball and the other for two balls, so it allowed for a lot of customization of size and weight. So perfect, except . . . I broke it.

I looked all over my Den Of Iniquity but could not find the silicone holder thingy to show you so I think it’s already been thrown out. But the retrieval cord? Snapped off. And the way things fit together it was stupidly difficult to wrestle the balls into their holder anyway, which is obnoxious since they have to be taken out to be cleaned thoroughly anyway.  So minus 100 points for frustration! Which is also not erotic in this context!

I will be back soon to tell you about the new replacement for all these sad rejects.

I have learned my lesson by now about buying cheap things. I don’t think it’s completely bad, since an inexpensive version of a toy can give you a really good idea of whether you like a particular type of sensation. I did learn from each of the ball failures mentioned above, and it makes sense sometimes to try out a less-good substitute before going all-out when you are on a budget. But once you know what you like, go get the good stuff!

Review x2 – Tantus Mikey and Mark

I am reviewing these two together because they’re friends now.  When nestled together in a toybox, dildos are known to form very close relationships with one another and I want to honor that.

In this picture they're trying to high-five, but you can't really tell. Just trust me on this.

In this picture they’re trying to high-five, but you can’t really tell. Just trust me on this.

Those are two dildos from Tantus’ O2 line, Mikey and Mark.  (I had a really shitty boyfriend called Mikey once, so the fact that I can get past the name just shows you how awesome this toy is. I also briefly hooked up with a Mark. He was hot.  Okay, digression over – back to the dildos!)

What makes the O2 toys really stand out is the dual density silicone.  The O2 toys all have a firm core, covered by a softer outer layer.  The combination feels amazing!  They are firm enough to have some real heft and not flop all over the place, but they have some give to them when squeezed.  When I got my first (Mikey, in the now discontinued black color) I spend quite a while just squeezing and stroking the shaft, enjoying the feel of it.  Yes, that’s right, I gave a dildo a handjob.  That is how much I love the feel of these!

I will love him and squeeze him and call him George.

I will love him and squeeze him and call him George.

Moving on to specifics, I’ll start with Mikey.  It’s the shorter and thicker of the two, with 5.5″ of insertable length and 5.5″ around.  For me personally, this is a really good girth.  It’s “Oh, god that’s big and I am nice and stretched!” thick, as opposed to “Naw, seriously? You think that is going where? NOPE!” thick.*  The length works well for me too: filling but never enough to bump my cervix.  As much as I tend to be all about the big toys, there is seriously only so far you can go inside my vagina (or any vagina, really) until you run out of room.

Mark, on the other hand, is longer and thinner – from the base there’s 6” insertable length and about 5” around.  The girth is at the Goldilocks point for me  – just right for every day.

It’s like Mikey is all, “HEY! I AM INSIDE YOU!!!” while Mark is all, “Hey.  I am inside you.”  I know everyone is different, so anything I say about size is particular to my own personal holes.  But for me, these really are two perfect sizes for different days.  Some days I want more of an opened up and pushed feeling, and some days I am more for the nice and easy snug-but-not-stretched feeling.

Both these dildos have a flared base, so they can be used anally.  Yay for flared bases!  (If you use a toy both vaginally and anally, it is VERY IMPORTANT for it to be sterilized between holes.  Silicone can be sterilized by being put in boiling water for 2 minutes, or cleaning with a 10% bleach solution.  Or autoclaving.**)

The flared base also makes these a good fit for a harness.

This is not a very good picture, but I wanted to post it because it looks like my cock is trying to decide which book to read.  And that made me happy.

This is not a very good picture, but I wanted to post it because it looks like my cock is trying to decide which book to read. And that made me happy.

I love both of these, and would be hard-pressed to choose a favorite.  The quality is great, the design is great, and they both feel great to me.  All-around winners in my toy box, these two.

*Of course, this is not a scientific measurement, since those points are different for everyone.  Also, some things LOOK way too big but are not.  Sometimes.  Maybe.  With enough lube.

**I am seriously curious about having an autoclave for my toys.  Or possibly I am just having Kinky Mad Scientist fantasies.  Or both.  It could be both.

Book Review – Firebird by Annabel Joseph

Ballet and bondage.  It seems to be a striking juxtaposition at first blush, but to my mind they’re a perfect match.  Both require discipline, and often call for enduring discomfort for a greater cause.  Ballerinas appear to be delicate, but are quite strong and to me this combination echoes the way that submissives in general are often seen as weak while . . . well, if you think that you clearly haven’t met many of us!

But let me tell you about this book. It has ballet and bondage and romance:

It also has a gorgeously sexy cover.  Aw, yeah . . .

It also has a gorgeously sexy cover. Aw, yeah . . .

Prosper is a dancer in the corps de ballet, hardworking but full of neurosis from her past.  Jackson, the demanding choreographer, sees her potential and casts her as the titular Firebird in a sensual new production of the classic ballet.  One day Prosper is looking through the fetish personals – not looking for a date, just out of curiosity (has anyone not done that? I thought so!), when she finds one that sounds like it is describing her.

As she is drawn into a “no strings attached” D/s relationship, Prosper is pushed closer and closer to confronting her drive to be perfect and its unhealthy roots.  As she explores her needs as a submissive, she is pushed to greater expression on stage.  Finally, she learns to be honest with her own desires.

One of the scenes I especially loved in this book was Prosper and Jackson’s first night together.  A lot of people think of the pushy and shouty style of dominance as being How It Is Done, but this is a great example of slow and sensual power.  There is something so hot about the Dom who can be all calm and quiet because he’s just absolutely sure he’s in charge.  The slow-burn style of domination involves Prosper being tied and, since it’s the first night, just touched.  It sounds so simple.  Even boring.  Who would do that?  A really mean sadist, that’s who!  This scene plays out with so much tension and desire.  I was thoroughly pulled in.

The contrast of the demands of ballet and those of Prosper’s new relationship is also beautifully rendered.  I think a lot of submissives tend to drive themselves to be perfect, as Prosper does, and part of Jackson’s role is to make sure she is not neglecting her own well-being.  This really gets into the safety and nurturing that a good relationship can offer us.  I’ve read other books by Annabel Joseph before this one, and one thing she really gets and is able to portray in her characters is how deep trauma can lie, and how having the support of the right relationship and having one’s needs met can help so immensely in healing.

I would recommend Firebird to anyone who enjoys a love story as much as they enjoy searing hot erotica.  If you want a heroine who has faced challenges and endured hurt, but finds a better life waiting at the end of it, this is a book to check out.  Finally, this is the sort of book that walks that fine line: it’s not a sanitized “everything is great all the time!” version of kink, nor is it a “kink is evil and weird!” sort of book.  That middle ground is hard to find in fiction, but it always reads true to me since it comes off as being more real.

Review – Pipedream Icicles #34

This is possibly the best example ever of two awesome things I love combining and . . . being massively disappointing.  Some things go together beautifully.  Glass and hands-free vibrators are not two of those things.  I wanted this toy for ages.  I wanted – nay, needed  a hands free wearable vibrator, but so many of them are nasty jelly or crap like that.  I already knew I loved glass.  (I have an unreasonable number of glass toys, and I always want another one because they’re just so damn pretty and shiny.)  Icicles #34 seemed meant for me.  It was calling my name.  But you know, someone can call your name all sexy-like and still suck in bed.

Cutest penis EVAR.

Cutest penis EVAR.

The design of this piece is similar to those wearable vibrators of questionable materials I’d been eyeing.  It’s meant to strap on against your vulva and stimulate the entire outer region, while the tiny penis part sits inside the vagina.  The curved outer section is about 4” long, while the insertable section is 3” long and 3” around at the head.  If I were judging on comfort alone, this would be a win.  I could wear this all day.  That is, IF the straps were sturdier and not utterly unnecessarily baffling.  I am a fan of internal and external stimulation at the same time, but neither of these things worked to my liking.  It fit fine, but then it just sat there, like a vaginal freeloader, doing nothing at all.

I understand the snaps, and the adjustable slidey bits, but why are there ALSO lingerie-style clasps?  WHY?

I understand the snaps, and the adjustable slidey bits, but why are there ALSO lingerie-style clasps? WHY?

The internal part is nowhere near girthy enough, and I don’t think that’s due to my vast experience.  It’s ultimately forgettable, as in, you will probably forget you are being penetrated.  Even if you like slimmer toys, I just think this is too slim for something that ALSO offers so little in the Vroom department.

It feels like . . . nothing.  I enjoy pretty strong vibrations, but I think this would be too weak even for the more sensitive of clit owners.    The thing about this is, the vibration action is delivered by a small bullet vibe powered by three AAA batteries, and those are okay DIRECTLY on the clit, but far too weak to work with this glass piece. I ended up being able to feel the vibrations, but only in the most vague and teasing way.  There is no way this could cause an orgasm.  Not going to happen.   After experimenting with Pressing my Halo Wand and Hitachi against the outside of it (which is usually awesome with my other glass toys), I think the issue is more with the design of the toy and not the lack of power alone.  Even my more powerful wand vibes made this feel “interesting” – nowhere near “skin-meltingly erotic”.  The vibrator part has various speeds and patterns, and I normally love patterns, but on this I really could not tell much difference at all.

A final minor annoyance, but one I know I am not alone on  – it’s pink, it’s ONLY available in pink, PINK, BITCHES!

Pictured: a bunch of other, more attractive glass toys ostracizing the PINK! one.  I know I shouldn't allow this behavior, but damn it they have a point!

Pictured: a bunch of other, more attractive glass toys ostracizing the PINK! one. I know I shouldn’t allow this behavior, but damn it they have a point!

ONE good thing about this toy is that the straps will actually fit a large size range.  I am a US 10/12, and need the straps cinched nearly all the way they’ll go.  A very slim person might have trouble getting them small enough.  But hey, ANY person might have trouble feeling that this is stable since the straps are flimsy as hell.  I would like to offer kudos to recognizing body diversity, but I suspect that was not the main goal here.

Finally, I can’t really criticize this toy without talking more broadly about Pipedream as a company.  I used to buy a lot of their products** before I became aware of their racist and sexist bullshit.  Now that I know more about the company, these more disappointing purchases seem less like toys that just didn’t work for my anatomy, and more like products designed by people who hate women.  Why would I trust a misogynist to design something to give me pleasure?  It would be stupid to walk into a vegetarian restaurant and ask for a delicious steak, and that’s what it feels like expecting a company like this to do anything good for my vagina.

It’s been a while since I got this toy, and it looks like it’s been discontinued.  Even so, I still see it for sale in bricks and mortar stores in my area so hopefully there’s still time to warn others before they suffer my fate.  This toy does not care about your vagina, not even a little bit.  You deserve better.

**I have decided not to buy anything of theirs in the future, but I still own a lot of their toys which I will probably end up reviewing on here.

The Dreaded Hairbrush

My ass has been smacked by many, many different things.

We have many objects around the house specifically designed to strike an eager or penitent buttock, so it was obviously just a cruel fun and lighthearted whim that led Master to reject all of them in favor of my hairbrush one morning.

“Go get your brush” used to make me think He was going to brush my hair, which is one of my most favorite things ever.  But NOOOOO.  This particular morning it lead to a memorable session of being thrown down and paddled, just because.

And despite whatever experience or general propensity for masochism I may have, the hairbrush hurts.  It is an evil, evil thing full of stingy wrath.

The main thing that’s come of this evil and sadistic  kind and loving exploration of my personal effects as objects of torment is that now every time I brush my hair I think at least briefly about being paddled and that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.

Also, when Master does choose to revisit the old hairbrush, I get this extra layer of humility on top of the surrender a good beating brings out.  It’s not just that He is overwhelming me with physical sensation, orchestrating it to bring out the biggest reaction in me, it’s that fact that I am being turned into a weepy pile of mush by a hairbrush.  It says, this is not about fancy toys or showing off.  It’s a reminder that He doesn’t need any special items, but can break me down in like 5 minutes whenever He feels like it, just for the hell of it.

Everyone sing along! "One of these things is not like the other . . . "

Everyone sing along! “One of these things is not like the other . . . “

Adding the brush as an occasional visitor to our play has given an ordinary object some erotic and loving associations I would not have expected, which feels good when we are apart.

At least, that’s how it feels now.  In the moment that feeling of “Damn, I’ve been bested by a $5 Revlon bristle brush and that is humiliating,” sort of rises to the top.  Every. Time.

HedoVibes Review Roundup #86

I was at Frolicon all weekend, and am still recovering from that.  So here, have some reviews and stuff from other folks!  I am headed to bed since I now need to sleep for about 24 hours.  I’ll be back with tales of debauchery soon!


touchPhoto courtesy of DevianttKitten

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Review – Tantus Fantasy Gag

This is much bigger than it looks.  I have huge hands.

Behold! The Gaggy Goodness!

So many things about this gag make me happy.

It is phallic (think I already covered that one).  It is made from pure, smooth silicone.  As anyone who has ever had a sub-par gag shoved in their mouth will know, this means a lot.  I once had someone use a nasty cheap ball gag on me, which left not only a gross taste but also made my lips and tongue slightly numb.  Who knows what chemicals were in that thing, but they certainly were not body-safe and I do not remember this person stating “chemical burns – giving” as one of their kinks.

Silicone is ideal for toys that are going to be inserted anywhere, including the mouth.  I am much more careful these days, since I now know that I have some chemical sensitivities but really, NO ONE should be putting toys of unknown composition into any orifices.  When you choose silicone you are choosing something that can be sanitized by boiling, putting through the dishwasher, or cleansing with a bleach solution.  This is particularly important if you are sharing toys or if you are using toys in different holes (for example, a dildo you use in your anus and your vagina).

I originally got this as a Christmas gift from Master.  I thought, “Aw, what a cute little wee cock.”  I was surprised by how NOT-little it felt after it had been in my mouth just a short time.  The insertable part measures 3″ long and about 5 1/4″ around at its widest point.  That is plenty of length and girth for my mouth!

Like, I cant buy hats.  Seriously.

Oh, and also? I have a HUGE head.

The density of the silicone has a nice rubbery give to it.  It feels flexible when I suck on it, but is resilient to moderate biting.  This is relevant if you are doing any kind of heavier impact or pain play while you are wearing it.  I, for one, tend to bite down reflexively if I am wearing a gag during heavier punishment scenes.  If you bite REALLY hard, it is possible to leave faint tooth marks, but that’s about it.  I’ve already had this over a year and it’s held up well.

I tend to drool a lot with gags in general, which is pretty common according to my informal survey of people I know.  If you or your partner find drool a turn-on, this is a GREAT gag for you.  Saliva everywhere!

As filling as I find this, it does not muffle sound much at all.  It does, however, make it impossible to speak, since it is filling enough to get in the way of my tongue.  If you want to make someone scream and moan but take away their ability to say anything, again, this is an excellent choice.  Since the person wearing it won’t be able to use words, it is best to set up a safe signal (rather than a safe word) before you begin.

The strap snaps off for cleaning, and fastens with Velcro.  I do like that the strap is removable, since that makes sanitizing the gag much easier.  But the velcro itself is my only complaint.  I just don’t like it.  It gets caught on hair and fabric if I am not careful, and I prefer buckles.  That could be easily fixed by just  . . . putting a new strap on it.  Most leather workers could do that.  This is a personal preference of mine, and I realize it is a minor complaint.  And to be fair. velcro does have its advantages.  In the event that it needs to be taken off fast due to any kind of breathing issues, gagging (not the good kind), or if the person wearing it is suddenly NOT OKAY, velcro is a good safety choice.  And no matter how “light” the bondage you are using seems, safety still needs to be something you consider before any play happens.

That said, this gag probably not a good choice for anyone with a sensitive gag reflex.  In my mouth, it barely reaches the soft palate, but I do have a big mouth.  People who have an easily stimulated gag reflex, or who are new to gags and are not sure, would probably be best off starting with a bit gag or a ball gag, since neither of those fill up the mouth as deeply.

Long-term wear might also be difficult for anyone with TMJ.  I suggest trying a bit gag if you have any issues with your jaw, since it won’t stretch it as much.  My own jaw does get tired and start to lock up, but only when we get close to the hour mark.

As a final note, as vain as it may sound, I have never liked the way my face looks WIN_20150331_104520when I am wearing a ball gag.  This gag does stretch my mouth open quite a lot, but since most of the gag is hidden away inside the appearance of it is surprisingly demure.

The funny thing is, I never knew what it looked like while I was wearing it until I went to take some pictures for this review!  Even though Master has used it many times since He got it, I have never been near a mirror, and looking at it has always been the furthest thing from my mind when we are using this gag.  I just took these today and was all, “Huh, that does look better!”

The verWIN_20150331_104555sion I have of this is in the “Cocoa” color Tantus offers, but when I went to check their site it looks like right now this is only available in black.   Which is great, it goes with everything!

If you love phallic objects, silicone, and gagging your partner/being gagged by your partner, I wholeheartedly recommend this one.  It’s a favorite of mine, and will be seeing plenty of use in years to come.

Sausage party in my toybox!

Every time I hear someone haul out the old “The male body is not attractive/penises are silly looking/women are not visual” trifecta, I wince.  I mean, if you personally are not into penises and how they look, that’s cool.  But some people make these statements as if they are gospel truth.  And none of this is true in my world – I love cocks, which I don’t find at all strange since I am sexually attracted to men.

This is why I have so many realistic toys in my collection.  From a visual standpoint, I love the way a well-proportioned cock looks.  Handling a dildo shaped like one can add an extra layer of arousal for me when I am playing;  stroking it, licking and sucking it is more exciting because of the obvious nature of it.  There are a lot of beautiful toys that could be displayed as modern art on your mantelpiece and I own and love some of those, but the blatantly sexual nature of something that is obviously a rampant cock delights me.

That’s great, but you don’t just buy toys to LOOK AT, right?

Right!  The best part is when I get to play with these things!  The texture of the newer dual density toys (such as Tantus’ O2 line) is enjoyable to me since it has a softer outer layer and a denser core.  When I got my first one, I think I spent about 10 minutes just fondling and squeezing it.  I was torn between REALLY wanting to put it inside myself and being so intrigued with the texture I kept giving it a handjob.  I did make it in and it was great!  No matter how much I like looking at it, no matter how neat it feels in my hand, it has to also feel good in my vagina if it’s going to be the right dildo for me.  Here again, the cocks are a big win.  I like to feel a bit of a stretch, so a rounded head generally feels better to me going in.  I like a lot of thrusting, and prefer a larger area of pressure on my g-spot and further back closer to my cervix (the area more recently called the “A-spot” or “AFE”).  Sometimes toys that are too tapered at the tip can feel stabby once they are inside me.

WIN_20150330_101806I will always be up for trying new shapes and new designs.  But the good old, realistic dildo is a tried and true one for me, so I will always have a place for them in my collection, and in my body.



Modeling Superstition (Which I Invented)

Recently I had the opportunity to work with French Chris on a rope shoot, which I was very excited about since rope is something I have been enjoying for quite a while in my personal life and I’d been wanting to do some modeling with it.  Sure, that brings up the inevitable “what if I get really, really horny during this shoot?” thoughts, but I can totally deal with that by now.

What I did not think about was, “What if a small appliance eats my hair just when I am trying to get pretty?”

Well, I should have been worried!  This hotel hair dryer was the culprit:

This hair dryer.  This fucking hair dryer.

This hair dryer. This fucking hair dryer.

There I was, just innocently drying my hair after a nice shower the morning of the shoot.  Then, my hair was being pulled – and not in a fun way – as the hair dryer crept closer to my scalp.  I yelped, as you do when you are surprised by an attack appliance, and switched it off.  Master had to come cut me free with His utility knife.

This is not the first time I have had an unfortunate pre-shoot incident.  One time, the night before a shoot one of my kitties jumped on my face (all the cat people reading this are nodding and chuckling, while all the non-cat people are thinking, “how does that even happen?”) and left a long scratch right down my nose.  I had an awesome shoot.  Another time, a houseguest overstayed their welcome and I got about two hours of sleep the night before a shoot, and that shoot also went quite well.

So by now, I am like, “Bring it on, unlikely yet minor physical mishaps!  You will only make me stronger!”

French Chris was just great to work with.  And he is legitimately French, with the accent and everything.  My friend and co-model Solestria was there, and although this was our first time working together we clicked right away, so there was good shoot chemistry all around.

When I got the pictures back I felt like the locks of hair I sacrificed were a worthy price to pay indeed.


Photo: French Chris 2015